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0.7mm Fine French Wire Silver Colour Gimp Bullion Wire

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If you want to refine the look of the jewellery you create, this fine gimp wire should be next on your shopping list. Gimp wire is used to protect wire and chords where it loops to slip into clasps. You need to consider the size of the gimp wire you use, because it has an immense effect on the overall look of your piece.

A finished look is essential especially when designing pieces you want to sell. Buyers can be quite pedantic about whether jewellery looks sleek and well made. You can also enhance the look of your own pieces you create to match your classier outfits.

The reason for this gimp wire’s sleek look is its size. Gimp wire comes in many sizes, but this is one of the smallest options on the market. At only 0.7mm wide, it allows you to create small, neat eyelets to connect to clasps. You may create a necklace which incorporates small stones and fine wiring. You need to continue this style throughout the necklace, even where it fastens around your neck.

Gimp wire is designed to protect chords so they don’t get damaged. You can experiment at using gimp wire for other purposes as well, such as covering longer pieces of chord in between other features on your jewellery. This protects the chord, but also adds some lustre to the piece. This specific product is manufactured from silver wire, so everywhere you use it, it will add a sense of luxury and style.

You’ll receive 38cm of wire with this purchase, which can help you finish off many jewellery pieces in style. Alternatively, you can share it with friends who love jewellery making as much as you do. Let this silver wire add the style to your creations you’ve been looking for.

0.7mm Fine French Wire Silver Colour Gimp Bullion Wire

Give a refined and elegant look to any piece of jewellery.

Protects thread where it comes into contact with the finding or clasp.

Supplied in a resealable box to keep the fragile wire safe.

35.5 cm length (14 inches) of fine weight silver colour metal French Wire (0.7mm). The external diameter is approx 0.6mm