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White Brown Glass Oval Cabochon Pack of 2

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These White Brown Glass Oval Cabochons conjure up images of a steaming cup of coffee on a cold, wintery day. It’s the way the soft white blends into the deep warm brown that makes you think of such delicious things.  And they’ll get your creative juices bubbling as you dream up all the ways you could use them to make a classic piece of jewellery that you can wear anywhere.

That’s the beauty of these White Brown Glass Oval Cabochons from Preciosa. They’re so beautifully made that you’ll want to incorporate these cabochons into every design. With a high dome and flat back you can pop them in a bevel or stick them directly to a piece of fabric. Their smooth and shiny surface catches the light perfectly and will always attract attention.

Preciosa uses traditional glass-making techniques to produce their cabochons. You’re using a real quality piece of craftsmanship when you add them to your pieces and that means you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years. They’re tough to withstand a few knocks so you needn’t be afraid of using them in unusual projects.

They measure 18mm x 13mm – a standard size that you can use for any type of jewellery including pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets. Now all is you need is a large cup of coffee and a little time to come up with a design that will show these gorgeous White Brown Glass Oval Cabochons.