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Preciosa Black Cabochon with Gold Wash 18mm Pack of 2

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You could just picture a pair of these Preciosa Black Cabochons with Gold Wash dangling from the delicate ears of a Victorian lady. There’s something about design that suggest elegance and femininity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock them in a more modern piece of handmade jewellery.

The deep black colour and gold highlights on these glass cabochons make them difficult to ignore. That’s because their made by Preciosa which has a reputation for making fine beads and decorations with traditional glass-making techniques. Their craftsmanship is evident in the fine details of these cabochons. The oriental motif is clearly defined in gold and every small detail has been perfectly captured.

They are 18mm in diameter which makes them just the right size for a pendant, earrings or as a bracelet. But why stop at jewellery? With the flat back you can attach them to a piece of lace or fabric and add a new dimension to clothing. Wouldn’t they look gorgeous on a little black dress? You’ll be inspired to go beyond your usual projects with these vintage looking Preciosa Black Cabochons with Gold Wash.

And you don’t need to worry about them being too delicate for your projects. They’re much tougher than they look. Built to last and keep their lustre, the gold accents won’t chip or rub off—no matter what you put them through. These Czech glass cabochons are real quality and will give you many years of pleasure.