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Pliers for Tube Cutting

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Whether you make jewellery as a hobby or during a full-time job, the correct tools are essential to your craft. The correct tools help you increase the neatness of your work which translates into jewellery pieces with a finished look. Your customers want pieces they can wear with pride and your own outfits look more stylish when worn with well manufactured jewellery.

If neatness is your goal you should add these pliers to your toolkit. Pliers help you hold wire or chords for easy and neat cutting. This specific pair will make sure the wire doesn’t roll around thanks to the design of the jaws. The jaws have three different size gaps to clasp wire with. These gaps give you enough range to effortlessly work with any tube or wire from 2-10mm in diameter.

The best feature of the jaws is the saw blade slot in the middle of the jaws. If you’re using a saw to cut through tubes you can ensure a straight cut by using this slot as guide. This is one of the ways in which the neatness of your jewellery is impacted.

jewellery making can be hard work, especially when working with harder metals. Your hands will find some relief when you use these pliers thanks to the spring action of the handles. When you’re ready for a long session of jewellery making, these pliers will help prevent pain from spoiling the experience.

The pliers’ components are joined together in a box joint construction. Box joint construction in tools is known to make them more durable and longer lasting. These pliers won’t let you down even when you’re working with some tough wires or tubes. They are neatly designed so you can even purchase them as a beautiful and practical gift for other jewellery makers.

Pliers for Tube Cutting. The tube cutting pliers securely holds tubing or rods for sawing. Simplifies cutting with saw blade slot in jaws.

Use for tubing 2 to 10mm in diameter.

Spring-action reduces hand fatigue.

Box joint construction.