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Pack of 2 Pocket Mirror Base, Resin, Cameo Setting

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Pack of 2 Pocket Mirror Base, Resin, Cameo Setting, looking for a great gift idea for a friend or family member? This classic take on pocket mirrors comes in a pack of two, giving you the option of gifting one and keeping the other for yourself! The exteriors are graced with a beautiful engraving on one side which is carefully placed in a Cameo setting. With a beautiful combination of skilled workmanship and an elegant look, these items will last you for years and never go out of date.

The other side of each pocket mirror is left blank for either base resin or cabochon. The cabochon area is 48.5mm in diameter, while the total size of each mirror is 65 x 62 x 7. This makes it pocket size, but also allows for comfortable handling in the palm of your hand. Grab it, flip it open and enjoy mirrors on both interiors. Yes, that’s right; two mirrors on each (so four mirrors in total). You’ll love the way these old-style mirrors look, feel and function for your everyday use. Keep them in your purse to check your makeup while you commute to work, or while you travel.