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Pack of 10 - French Style Bluette Shoe Clip Blanks

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French style bluette shoe clip blanks,

Size 18 x 11 mm when closed, 30 x 11 mm when opened

These nickel plated shoe clip blanks are replicas of the authentic FRENCH BLUETTE CLIPS which were used by French and International designers for decades, accepted as the most superior brand, but no longer in production. This design has 4 holes to sew or thread on your design and also two small hooks that secure to the inside of your shoes to stop the clip moving or coming off (these will not damage your shoes)

They are very strong, fairly flat, and much smaller, and therefore less visible than the cheaper larger chunky clips available. They also have a superior grip whilst leaving barely any indent on your shoes.

Easy to make your own shoe decoration, easily transferable from shoe to shoe or even a handbag.

You will receive 10 pcs.

If you enjoy creating unique shoe decorations that you can change at a whim, then these French style Bluette Shoe Clip Blanks are perfect for you! You’ll receive 10 in a pack, and each one is easy to transfer from one shoe to the other. You also don’t have to limit yourself to using these clip banks on shoes. Decorate your handbag, clutch or purse and create a new design that suits your vision.

These shoe clips are nickel plated and each one is sized at 18mm x 11mm when closed; and 30mm x 11mm when open. The look resembles authentic French Bluette Clips used by international French designers. Each design holds to the classic look used over the decades. You’ll have four holes for sewing and two hooks for secure latching it onto your shoe or handbag. The hooks keep the clips secure, but won’t damage the inside of your shoe.

Your 10 clips are robust and long lasting. They are slightly flat and relatively smaller than other shoe clips. So, do away with those cheap chunky imitations and opt for the real deal!