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Dragonfly Glass Cabochon 18 x 13 mm Pack of 10

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These oval glass dragonfly cabochons make an ideal adornment for jewellery and paper crafts. This charming creature is associated with water and emotions. Because of its merits, it represents many endearing traits including wisdom, adaptability, and authenticity. It also symbolizes hope, luck, power, immortality and the afterlife.

With a paper flatback it’s easy to glue these oval glass cabochons onto any material. Use them as embellishments on paper crafts or for jewellery making. For delightful gifts, just glue them into jewellery settings. These cabs fit any oval 18 x 13 mm settings and make charming key chains, pendants and charms. For a vintage look, choose a tarnished brass setting. These domed glass dragonfly cabochons will also look great set in silver, rusted iron or black.

Features of oval glass dragonfly cabochons pack of 10

    • Ideal for paper crafts and jewellery making

    • Includes 4 oval flatback glass cabochons

    • Diameter: 18 x 13 mm

    • Materials: glass, paper