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Extra Large 95 mm Kumihimo Bobbins Pack of 2

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Extra Large Kumihimo Bobbins,

These clear bobbins are 95 mm round and hold your thread or cord firmly to keep it from tangling. Great for Kumihimo or any place you have cord, thread, yarn to work with. Get rid of your bulky spools and wind onto these for storage. Bobbins are clear allowing you to easily see what is wound on them and one side is flat allowing you to label it.

To open bend curved side away from flat side, tape or just hold end against center and wind your cord on. Flip the curved side back to the flat side holding end out to hold secure. Cord can be dispensed when closed by gently tugging loose end.

Allows to spool down and repackage large spools of thread into smaller put-ups. Has a patented, protective locking feature which prevents threads from unraveling.

Stackable and made from soft plastic.

Bob-EEZ are also great for macramé! Use multiple bobbins to secure loose ends as you work.

You will receive 2 extra large bobbins.