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Metallic Suede Purple CzechMate Triangle Beads 10 grams

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CzechMate Triangle Beads Metallic Suede Purple 10 grams,

size 6 mm, two holes,

Czech glass two hole beads have softly rounded edges for comfort when working with them and when wearing.

The exact amount of beads may vary by specific bead finish and material as it affects the weight. The beads are made of pressed glass.

CzechMate beads, made in the Czech Republic are cut with machine precision. These beads are unique in style, with a wide variety of finishes. They fit together well and color match with other beads in the two hole CheckMate series including the 2 hole lentils, tiles, daggers, and more so that you may seamlessly weave various two hole styles together.

10 grams pack