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Jewelry Aid Sensa-Guard - Protects Sensitive Skin

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Jewelry Aid Sensa-Guard - Protects Sensitive Skin

Rashes and "green fingers" are caused by allergies to metals or reactions between skin acids and the metals in jewelry. Sensa-Guard creates a barrier between metal and skin, preventing those irritations.

SENSA-GUARD: Part of our Jewelry Aid line, this product is a clear, brush-on coating that comes in a 0.45 fl. oz (13.5ml) bottle.

It is easy to keep in a jewelry box, on a dressing table, or to take with you on the go.

EASY TO USE: Clean & dry jewelry, then apply product to all metal surfaces that may contact skin. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes. Then put on your jewelry! Reapply as needed.

Product can be removed with nail polisher remover.

PROTECT YOURSELF: This solution works to protect your skin against all metals. Use it on earrings, rings, bracelet and necklace clasps, as well as watches and eyeglasses.