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Clover Premium Chacopy Tracing Paper 5 colours sheets

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Clover Premium Chacopy Tracing Paper 5 colours sheets,

Chacopy Tracing by Clover

5 Sheets

(Blue, Green, Red, White & Yellow)

30cm x 25cm (12" x 10")

- Single-sided

- Convenient for tracing patterns on most fabrics

- Applies to any fabrics with different colours

- Test first with same colour fabric to see if the markings can be removed or not

- Wash the marked fabric with water (do not use any oil based solvent such as benzine)

- Remember that it is more difficult to remove the chalk when you iron the fabric

- It may be difficult to apply to thicker fabrics such as felt, due to its elastic nature


1) Test first to see if markings can be removed

2) Place the fabric on your cutting mat or pad

3) Then lay the Clover Chacopy tracing paper between the fabric and the pattern

4) Trace the design lines with a tracer