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Clear Shrink Plastic Sheets A4 Size Pack of 3

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Clear Shrink Plastic Sheets A4 Size,

size 29 x 20 cm,

Shrinks to approx 45% of its original size when heated with a heat gun or oven.

Create cool things such as keychains, fridge magnets and charms for your mobile phone, jewellery, cards and more. Simply draw, cut and cook.

  • Draw onto the smooth side of the shrink sheet with permanent markers.

  • Cut out the design and place it on a piece of aluminium foil in a preheated oven at 175°C. Watch it shrink - the way it moves almost makes it look alive! You can also use a heat gun.

  • When the shrink sheet becomes flat take it out of the oven and place under a flat object and press down.

Pack of 3 clear sheets.