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Brass Flower 3D Bead Caps Silver Tone Pack of 10

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If you love making jewellery you’ll know the secret to jewellery design lies in the detail. These brass flower bead caps can be the ideal addition to your upcoming pieces. Adding bead caps on either end of beads and stones can put focus on a specific bead. Using bead caps throughout a jewellery piece also creates a sense of unity and completeness because a specific theme is continually used.

These bead caps are made from brass but toned silver. Silver adds a sense of style and luster to any piece of jewellery. You can use the plainest beads and enhance the look by adding these shiny caps. The caps have intricate detail on them so when people step closer to view your unique jewellery, they’ll be further impressed by their beauty.

The caps have a 3D flower design. Many small petals point outward which helps you fill up space. Take this into consideration when planning out your piece. The rest of the petals will fold around the bead you use it with, turning a simple bead into a pretty flower.

The beads are 16x8mm. This small size is ideal to use on most jewellery pieces. The caps can be used to enhance the overall look without stealing all the attention. If you have eye-catching beads on your piece of jewellery, this is exactly what you want in a bead cap. Despite this, they’re pretty enough to be used on their own too.

With this purchase, you’ll receive 10 bead caps. With 10 of these flowers you can make a complete jewellery set if your design is simple. Use them on a necklace, bangle as well as earrings. Their presence in each item of your collection will bring unity between the pieces for the finishing touch to your outfit. Order these bead caps and create your next beautiful piece of jewellery!

Brass Flower 3D Bead Caps Silver Tone, size 16 x 8 mm, pack of 10