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Crimp Forming Pliers Crimping Pliers Tool

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This convenient tool transforms a 2mm tubular crimp into a round bead. For a fast and easy crimp, just place the crimp in the second notch and squeeze then rotate the bead 90 degrees and insert it in the first notch.

Featuring a PVC grip, these pliers are comfortable and easy to use. The narrow head fits easily into tight spaces so crimping delicate clamp connections is a breeze. These standard size crimpers are designed to crimp 2 - 5 mm wide beads on wire or chord. 

Create perfect crimps every time!

Flat nose pliers only crush crimp beads, leaving sharp edges, but the Crimping Plier actually creates smooth, rounded crimps every time.

A special two-step process allows the plier to first separate the crimp into two sections, securing each of your threads, and then crush the crimp to ensure the tightest crimp possible.


Pliers measure approximately 13 cm