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Aluminium Heart Stamping Blanks Pack of 6

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Add special meaning to your crafts, gifts and jewellery with the Aluminium Heart Stamping Blanks 6-Pack. For ages, the heart has been used as a symbol for the emotional, moral and spiritual core of being. Poets liken it to the soul and for many it represents love and affection.

Made of soft aluminium, these special charms are perfect for stamping with any of our metal punches. Personalise them with your loved one’s name with our letter stamp sets or use our ImpressArt pattern stamp to cover them with an all over pattern. To make a pendant or charm, just drill a small hole in the corner, add a link and string it on a chain.

Features of Aluminium Heart Stamping Blanks 6-Pack

    • Package includes 6 heart shaped stamping blanks

    • Size 20 x 20 mm

    • Ideal for crafts and jewellery making

    • Made of soft aluminium for easy stamping