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Pastel Petrol 2-Hole Chilli Beads Strand of 40

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Shiny, smooth and in a gorgeous shade of pink, this 2 Hole Chilli Beads Pastel Petrol Strand of 40 is just begging for you to make them into something fabulous. They have a slightly flattened concave shape which makes them ideal for creating a nested design.

With a flat relief you can string them together tightly, or combine them with round beads or pearls. The variety of designs you can create is only limited by your imagination. And with two holes you can string them any way you like. You could also use them in your knitting or as part of a piece of crochet work.

The beads themselves are 11mm long and 4mm at the widest part, while the holes can accommodate a thread up to 1mm in thickness. The two holes allow you to string the beads in a variety of combinations. You can create an unkempt look with each bead pointing in different directions, or a smooth and sleek zip effect by alternating the hole you use as you string them.

But it’s really the milky finish on these beads that makes them so unique and lovely to look at. It makes you want to reach out and feel if they’re as smooth as they look. The slight sheen softens the pink slightly without losing any of its warmth. Made by Preciosa, you can be assured that these 2 Holes Chilli Beads are well made and will last as long as your love of jewellery does.

Features of Preciosa 2 Holes Chilli Beads

  • 2 Holes Chilli Beads Pastel Petrol,

  • Czech glass beads,

  • size 11 x 4 mm, hole c/a 1 mm,

  • Strand of 40