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16 mm Glass Cabochon Eiffel Tower Pack of 10

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These charming glass Eiffel Tower cabochons picture Paris’ most recognizable monument beneath charming cursive script. This famous landmark was built for the 1889 World’s Fair. It was an engineering wonder stood as one of the greatest marvels of its time. Today, it stands for ingenuity, beauty, and progress. Use these round glass cabochons to adorn jewellery and paper crafts with one of the world’s most beloved landmarks.

With a flatback and paper backing, these domed glass cabochons glue easily to a wide variety of materials. They make a great gift for visitors, expats and anyone who longs to see Paris. Mount them in any of our 16 mm settings. For charming bracelets, charms, or cufflinks. They look great with bronze, silver, gunmetal, iron, black, or red blanks.

Features of these Glass Eiffel Tower cabochons

  • Paper flatback ideal for paper crafts and jewellery making

  • Set of 10 dome Eiffel Tower cabochons

  • Diameter: 16 mm

  • Materials: glass, paper