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0.9mm Medium French Wire Gold Colour Gimp Bullion Wire

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This beautiful golden gimp wire should be a standard feature in any girl’s jewelry case. You can use it when creating jewelry or add it to bought jewelry. Gimp bullion wire is firstly a practical solution to protect threads of your jewelry from damage. Threads can easily snag on your clothing and then the tension can break them. Threads can also start fraying where they’re connected to clasps and findings. You don’t want frayed cords tainting your perfect look.

Secondly bullion wire is a beautiful addition to your necklaces, earrings and wristbands. This specific gimp wire adds more grandeur to your look thanks to the stunning gold colour. It will turn any plain necklace into an exceptional item. You can cut the wire into small pieces to protect the string on a very intricate necklace. Alternatively, use longer pieces to give a smooth, finished look to your simpler designs.

Gimp wire comes in various sizes. This wire’s 0.9mm width is an ideal intermediate size. It will enhance the look of other parts of your jewelry, without taking attention away from what you want accentuated. With this order, you’ll receive 35cm of wire. This length is more than enough to experiment with if you’re new at jewelry making. You’ll have enough left to enhance many jewelry pieces in your cupboard.

You can use gimp wire on your own jewelry designs and bought pieces. By adding this to each item in your jewelry box you can extend their lifetime so you won’t have to quickly repair or replace it. You can enhance store bought jewelry if it’s not quite what you’re looking for.

Gimp wire’s practical approach and sleek look makes it the ideal jewelry case accessory. Your friends will thank you for buying it as a gift when they discover all its benefits for their closets.

0.9mm Medium French Wire Gold Colour Gimp Bullion Wire, Give a refined and elegant look to any piece of jewellery, protects thread where it comes into contact with the finding or clasp.
c/a 35 cm length (14 inches) of medium weight gold colour metal French Wire (0.9mm). The internal diameter is approx 0.8mm